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laguna house

Project Type: Single Family Home Exterior Renovation

Size: 1,800 sf

Services: Full Architectural Services 


This project refreshes the exterior street elevation of a single family home in Laguna Beach, CA. Built in the 1960s, the home had been renovated several times and lost a sense of its original openness and minimal styling.


This refresh updates the entire street face of the home with more honest materials, a much more open entry that guides and directs visitors, and modern drought tolerant landscaping. The design seeks to realign the home with its original modernist Southern California values.


Existing Elevation


Proposed Elevation

The home sits on a steep hill that drops off at the rear to reveal expansive views of a canyon and the Pacific Ocean. The existing entrance was enclosed with an archway and low roof line that gave no clue of the expansive views beyond.

Concept diagram 3D.png
Concept Diagram_Revised.jpg

The redesign lengthens this visual journey to the front of the home. The entry is opened up with a raised roof, steel portal frame, concrete paver pathway, and ivy screen. With these elements, the entrance becomes a visual extension of the natural views that are eventually revealed at the rear of the home.

Entry from Side_NEW WINDOWS.jpg

Design interventions were chosen carefully to achieve maximum effect with minimal modification to the existing structure.

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