cardiff house

Project Type: Residential Renovation and Addition

Size: 1,000 sf addition to 1,800 sf residence

Services: Full Architectural Services

This 1,000 sf addition is coupled with a full exterior renovation of an existing single family home near the Pacific Ocean in Cardiff, CA. The new addition includes a full top floor living space with ensuite bath, plastered fireplace, and exterior balcony with glass railing facing out to the sea.


The bottom floor of the addition allows for warm weather indoor-outdoor living as it opens up to the backyard of the home with a large folding door and an integrated green wall. An exterior shower caps off the end of the new structure for easy clean up post surf.


New slim profile windows, steel garage door, smooth plaster exterior finish, custom chimney caps, and bathroom renovations complete the updates of the residence for a contemporary take on a midcentury home.

The new addition picks up the same proportions of the existing roof gables, and cantilevers at the second floor to create a feeling of lightness. The entire bottom floor of the addition includes large windows and a folding door opening out to the backyard.


Existing details are tightened up with crisp fascia trims, perforated soffit panels, beveled metal roof gutters, and minimal metal chimney caps.

level 1 floorplan


level 2 floorplan


a new hallway with an open riser wood stair and steel rail span over a custom bench with views to the backyard and exterior green wall. an outdoor shower at the exterior is capped with board form concrete and tucks into the building cantilever above.