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lps law

Project Type: Commercial Office Interior Tenant Improvement

Size: Selected interventions within 12,000sf floorplate

Services: Custom furniture design, custom signage design, furniture specification, finish specification

This project refreshes a traditional law firm’s office to be more aligned with their shifting, modern clientele. Previously a dark, beige 1990s era office space, Pristereo designed a new reception space and several other interventions throughout the tenant suite to be brighter, simpler, contemporary, and inviting.


The reception area design includes a new custom curved reception desk that makes maximum use of available floor area, new signage, new cool temperature lighting to mimic natural daylight, and new furniture along the window line to create an impromptu work space. Additional conference rooms and breakout spaces received new paint and furniture. The existing elevator lobby received new wayfinding signage to direct visitors.


The new design interventions blend seamlessly within the existing space, while creating bright and inviting points of interest for both visitors and members of staff.


Pristereo made tweaks to the organization’s existing logo to be cleaner and simpler. New signage in the elevator lobby directs visitors towards the redesigned reception space.


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