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mission interior

Project Type: Residential Interior Design

Size: 750 sf

Services: Interior design, millwork design, finishes and fixture specification, furniture specification, installation oversight

This interior design for the main level of a single family home in San Francisco’s Mission District punctuates an open floorplan with new finishes, custom wall shelving, lighting, and furniture.


Previously a large, white sterile volume, new design interventions delineate separate types of spaces while preserving the openness of the floorplan.


A new visual screen at the main entry expands the living space with added privacy. The living space is accented with a light grey plaster finish that adds a subtle texture. Orientation reverses into the dining space with new paint and lighting overhead that create a visual separation. New, brighter finishes are added to the existing kitchen to illuminate the deepest part of the floorplan.


Pristereo also specified all new furniture to complete the space.

Revised Living.png
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