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richmond house

Project Type: Residential Renovation and Addition

Size: 2,000 sf addition with basement to existing residence

Services: Full Architectural Services

Structural Engineer: Altos Engineering

This 2,000 sf addition and exterior updates modernize an existing single family home in the hills of Richmond, CA. The new addition includes a relocated garage with car lift, subterranean basement, den with fireplace, two bedrooms, and a generous home office.

The new second floor spaces will have panoramic views of San Pablo Bay. Offset windows, dark metal accents, and cedar batten fencing give unique touches to the building exterior.


The building sits on a challenging, irregularly shaped lot which required planning department variance approval to accommodate the new addition.

Building masses were broken down at each elevation to blend with the scale of the existing structure. Roof forms were designed to optimize configuration of solar panels.

PRES L1.png

level 1 floorplan


PRES L2.png

level 2 floorplan



Offset windows in the home office are provided with a built-in wood bench that capitalizes on bay-views and allows for concealed storage beneath.

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