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two dwellings one lot

Project Type: Residential Duplex

Size: 4,000 sf

Services: Schematic Design, Design Development, Planning Department submittal and approved, structural coordination, and working drawing pricing package. 

This duplex development spreads across a single lot where a single family home previously lived, the site is located within both an urban transit corridor and suburban setting.


The project design needed to balance increased density while also sitting well within the neighborhood context. The large three bedroom 2,000 sf units were articulated into separate masses to create the illusion of a series of smaller spaces, avoid a singular heavy mass, and allow the building to maintain a pedestrian scale.


The central partition wall becomes a datum from which both greenery and the spaces of the dwellings grow. The line between exterior and interior is blurred within these spaces. Wood accents, landscaping, and stepped pathways were influenced by a nearby neighborhood creekside walking path.

Pristereo_About Me.png

level 1 floorplan



level 2 floorplan


a series of digital renderings were used to easily convey to the client proposed concepts for both the building exterior and interior spaces.


Backyard One-Point Perspective Updated.j

Backyard Concept Rendering


Render - Dining River.jpg

Interior Concept Rendering


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